Sunday, February 04, 2007

Solar power at what price?

A Swiss-made, solar-powered boat crossed the Atlantic in 63 days, the first motorized craft to cross the Atlantic without using any fuel.

The journey took 63 days. Compare this with Christopher Columbus' first voyage of 45 days (70 days total, minus the 25 days at the Canary Islands). And Columbus didn't have a map.

Is this what the UN and all the global warming doommongers want, that because of a mythical crisis, we're to regress our technology to where we travel as fast as we did five centuries ago?

One of my friends offers that there have been big strides in solar panel technology in the last year alone, but my point is that people should have the freedom to choose. I, for one, don't want to commute three hours each way into Manhattan on a solar-powered train, all because agenda-driven scientists cherry-pick data and ignore that the Earth has been warming for thousands of years.


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