Saturday, June 04, 2005

He should be executed

Ariz. Inmate Gets Life for Hostage Crisis
PHOENIX - An inmate who took two prison guards hostage in one of the longest prison standoffs in the nation's history was sentenced Friday to 16 consecutive life sentences.

Ricky Wassenaar, 42, was convicted last month on 19 charges including kidnapping, sexual assault and aggravated assault for his role in last year's 15-day hostage standoff at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis.

Wassenaar, who acted as his own attorney, was acquitted on one count of attempted second-degree murder. After the verdicts were read, he repeatedly said, "worst verdicts I ever heard."

The standoff began Jan. 18, 2004, after Wassenaar and another inmate, Steven Coy, overpowered guards and staff in the prison's kitchen using makeshift knives.
The two inmates tricked two guards into letting them into a watch tower. The male guard was released after a week. The female guard was held captive for the entire time, and horribly, the two pieces of scum both raped her.

As I've written before, there's every mercy for the criminal, but none for the victim. Life in prison is too good for these two wastes of DNA. These men aren't defending themselves against iffy accusations: they're career thugs, violent criminals of the worst kind, whose guilt is as plain as my Filipino nose.

Let's do it like the Klingons: a slow death. Guard Fraley is more than entitled to doing it personally.


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