Saturday, May 14, 2005

He's not guilty, huh

Annan Failed to Disclose Key Contacts
U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan did not initially tell investigators in the oil-for-food probe that he met twice with representatives of his son's employer as the Swiss company began soliciting United Nations business.

Annan's omissions last November raised credibility concerns with the chief investigator, Robert Parton, that persisted even after Annan later provided his recollections about the meetings. Investigators had uncovered the contacts in calendars recovered from computers, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Parton sought to make an issue of Annan's veracity, concluding the U.N. chief wasn't initially forthcoming and his story evolved as new facts emerged. Parton also noted Annan's account sometimes conflicted with other witnesses deemed credible. Drafts of Parton's report, however, were substantially revised.

The three-member committee that supervised Parton used a different tone when it laid out the discrepancies in the version of the report released to the public two months ago. "He had checked the records and now remembered the meeting," the final report said about one of the meetings Annan hadn't originally disclosed.

The final report also didn't mention that Annan had originally denied knowing one of his son's business associates with whom he had had lunch. Nor did it mention that the business associate testified that he specifically discussed Kojo Annan's interest in doing business in Iraq with the U.N. chief.

Kofi Annan's lawyer acknowledged Friday that his client didn't provide or recall certain information about 6-year-old events during his first interview with investigators last November, blaming it on poor preparation.
And I'm sure Saddam really did forget that he had the missiles and missile fuel that the UN inspectors found (just prior to our invasion). Yeah.

Annan has out-Vulcaned Spock and Valeris (from Star Trek VI):

Valeris: A lie?
Spock: An omission.

Kofi, you need to hire a couple of security consultants to wipe your computers clean! Wait a minute, I'd better stop before I give him any ideas.

Naturally, the supervising committee sanitized the report to protect their chief. Who's naïve enough to be surprised? Who's naïve enough to think that UN officials would admit the truth, that the rotten stench always wafted down from the top?

If John Bolton won't fit in at the UN, if his abrasive style means he won't play ball with the UN bureaucrats, then he's definitely the right man for the job.

Harry Reid had the arrogance to say this week, when Bolton had been compared to the late Patrick Moynihan, a paraphrase of Lloyd Bentsen's dirty remark: "Patrick Moynihan was a friend of mine. And John Bolton, you're no Patrick Moynihan." The reality is that Reid is spineless when it comes to standing up against the corruption, the would-be domination of these UN socialists who want global government. By contrast, John Bolton, once confirmed, will be a credit to Moynihan's work at the UN.


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