Saturday, May 14, 2005

"Enterprise" finale

I watched the finale tonight. I never liked "Enterprise" from the beginning, but I felt obligated to watch it, as I've seen every other Trek finale when it aired (except TOS, which was before my time). I give the penultimate episode a B, and the final episode a C. A C doesn't mean a bad episode, just a mediocre episode that isn't noteworthy. These are examples of how my ratings work. An A means a memorable episode like "TOS: The Doomsday Machine", "TNG: The Best of Both Worlds", "DS9: Duet", or "Voyager: Endgame". I thought the Voyager finale was the very best Trek finale (edging out DS9's) and one of the best Trek episodes ever.

Peter Weller was good. Acting was ok. Special effects were pretty good, par for Trek. The plot was ok, though the end was a bit predictable, and the crisis was perhaps too easily ended. Still, it was a good conflict initiated by a pretty good villain.

The final episode was ok, but I wouldn't bother watching it ever again. I found the story a bit contrived, if not pointless. Scott in Phil Welch's chat (which Phil set up for the readers of Jackie Passey's blog) observed out that during the Pegasus recovery mission, wouldn't Riker would have been too busy to use the holodeck? Good point. I suppose Riker might have taken a break to gallivant around in a fantasy, but would he have really chosen such a program, burdened by the potential consequences of his treaty violation?

Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis were passable, but heavens, they look old. What I found funny was the variety of camera angles employed to hide Frakes' chin, especially during the cooking scenes. He was shot with his head pointed slightly down, or over his shoulder so that it hid his chin, or very brief shots where viewers might not really notice.

Sirtis certainly has not aged well, as Scott and Phil so well described...

And on a final note, the new "Enterprise" theme song is just as awful as the first. I liked all the other theme songs, especially DS9's second version with emphasis on the brass.


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